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The Gauge House has been serving Lafayette businesses since our beginning. Get timely sales and service to keep your business running at its best. We are available on weekdays for product orders and service and also offer emergency customer service and support to Lafayette.

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Who We Are

Since 1986, The Gauge House has provided instrumentation service and certification from our Lafayette headquarters. We save you time by providing extensive inventory, optimizing your instrumentation system and solving difficult gauge and valve problems. We also evaluate and troubleshoot industrial instrumentation on site.

If you have a question about our products or packaged solutions, please contact us.

Successful Solutions

When customers need specialized instrumentation shipped or fixed, they turn to The Gauge House. Our fast, responsive customer service and large inventory allow us to exceed expectations every time.

Built & Delivered Fast

To reduce the burden on field service technicians, an oil and gas customer requested a custom manifold. Finding every component in stock, The Gauge House built exactly what they needed and delivered it to the field right away.

Uniform, Custom Gauges

Control panel issues were troubling a manufacturing customer. With several gauge brands in their system, the lack of uniformity was resulting in inaccurate readings. We selected matching models for clean, consistent readings, then created custom range, color-coded dials featuring their logo. We now stock replacement inventory to help them avoid downtime on their production line.

Built for Extremes

Industrial and oil gauges are exposed to extreme heat, cold, vibration and other hazards. One oil and gas rental company had frequent pressure gauge failures—much more than normal. By asking questions and making a site visit, we identified the issue: Hammer unions below the gauges required striking to install, and the force was too much for liquid-filled pressure gauges. To withstand the impact, we recommended direct-drive pressure gauges. The customer has since converted its entire fleet to the appropriate gauges.

Custom Replacement Units

After weeks of searching, a manufacturer was unable to locate two unique refrigeration gauges. They turned to The Gauge House for help. One of our gauge partners created a custom pressure range dial with unique measurement units—and they shipped it in a week. Problem solved.

Our Products



Gauges are our specialty! Check out our extensive inventory that includes some of the best names in the business.



Our inventory has various types of Valves for purchase. Vales of all sizes that can fit to your specifications.

Other Products

Other Products

From Tubing, Fittings, Flame Management, Specialty Items, and more! See everything we offer to our customers.

Brands We Work With

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Industries Served

At The Gauge House, we carry a wide variety of products for any job you may need. Starting with our specialty in gauges. We also offer everything in between. Whether you need a valve, regulator, fittings, tubing and all the parts to go with them. We have you covered.

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