gauge calibration


gauge calibration

What Is Gauge Calibration?

Gauge calibration is the process of adjusting and verifying the accuracy of a measuring instrument or gauge. Calibration is an essential process that ensures that the gauge provides accurate readings and measurements. Gauges are used in various industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, and healthcare, to measure pressure, temperature, flow, and other physical parameters. Calibration is critical to ensuring that the measurements taken by these instruments are accurate and reliable.

The process of gauge calibration involves comparing the readings taken by the gauge to a known standard or reference. The reference could be a standard device that is calibrated to a known accuracy or a traceable calibration certificate. If the readings taken by the gauge are different from the reference, the gauge needs to be adjusted to match the reference.

Why is it necessary?

Calibration is necessary for gauges because these instruments can drift over time due to factors such as:

  • Wear and tear
  • Changes in temperature
  • Exposure to external factors such as vibration or shock

Regular calibration ensures that the gauge continues to provide accurate and reliable measurements, reducing the risk of errors or inaccuracies in the results obtained. In industries such as aerospace or healthcare, where accuracy is critical, gauge calibration is a critical process that must be carried out regularly.

gauge calibration
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The Gauge House offers a full suite of gauge calibration services to our customers. We come out to your location and run tests throughout your facility to ensure that all your measuring devices are working correctly. This testing will give us an accurate read on whether your devices are working properly.

If your devices aren’t working properly we can work with you to get new gauges in a timely and cost-effective manner. Reach out to us below to find out more about our calibration services and how we can help.

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